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WERKSTATT | Sample MegaPack

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You will receive a link to the pack via e-mail within 24 hours after I have received your payment. Therefore, make sure you've entered a correct e-mail address.

This pack contains sounds I recorded and processed. There are 437 files, PCM 44.1kHz, 24 bit stereo.

It's a mega-pack of samples I've been producing for the last 2 years. It contains the following subcontainers:
Big Ass Metal Table Standing Sideways
Drugstore Photo Printer
Half-Full Kettle Balanced on Gas Stove
Large Oil Barrel
Metal Merry-Go-Round with Baby Removed
Rattle Taken from Baby
Something Stuck in the Drawer
Square Metal Pipe
Swedish Desk Metal Frame (Is a Huge Tuning Fork)
The! Tyre
Wrench Collection

Achtung! There are no previews available other then the demo song linked above. It's been made solely with samples from this pack and it will have to do as your peek inside it. Also, there will be no returns, so buy only if your gut tells you this is good stuff. Finally, there is no possibility of re-download, so don't lose it and/or back it up.

As long as you have purchased the package:
You MAY use the samples for all purposes including commercial, you MAY modify them.
On the other hand YOU MAY NOT resell the package or its parts without the sounds being part of a larger body of work or a similar context like e.g. music, a video game or a video.
You don't have to credit the author, however, it's always appreciated.

All sounds are PCM 44.1kHz / 24 bit / stereo. - Don't worry about the two channels. Ableton Live will love it and your sampler's app (like Elektron Transfer or Volca Librarian) will convert it to what it likes best.
They are not normalized, therefore they retain their dynamic range within their groups and sub groups. It's a good thing.
Most are not equalized, unless stated otherwise in the file name.
'The! Tyre' has been recorded with two mics: a condenser outside and a dynamic mic inside, touching the rubber. Each channel contains one of the mics, totally separately - do a mono-mix or separate†the channels if you wish. Leave them unchanged for a duophonic effect.

Check out the author's work:
Check out the "Instability" EP by All Sounds Allowed on spotify and watch how we have fun recording junk on YouTube:

Take care and have fun!

Szymon [ d'] Danis
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